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Be Authentic To Yourself!

An interesting thing happened on the way to the forum…

Or, maybe it didn’t, we’ll never know for sure! Anyway, an interesting thing happened to me this last week. I was contacted by someone I was mildly acquainted with. They were wanting to see if I would spend some time educating them on VAs and OBMs. Then they commented about something on my website. It was a valid comment about something I thought had been taken care of.

I responded back to schedule a time to talk. Their response contained another comment about my website and this blog – this time about what they didn’t find there. I responded that I didn’t write about those topics, I wrote about work/life balance. I then suggested other resources where they could find the info they were looking for. The next response was a comment about not meaning to hurt my feelings and yet another critical comment about my site and blog. All in the name of being “helpful”. I was in the wrong because I didn’t provide what they were looking for.

I went through several stages dealing with this. Anger, frustration, indignation started out the emotional gamut. Then I remembered something. Something important. I don’t have to meet every expectation that  someone  wants from me, my site or my blog. I do not have to be everything to all people. I only have to be true to myself and my beliefs and values. My site is not meant to educate people on an entire industry. There are too many others who have already taken care of the topic. I can write about what interests me. I don’t have to write about anything that doesn’t.

It’s very freeing to remember such an important idea – something that is important to me!

Tip Of The Day: The only person you need to keep happy is yourself –make sure that you are authentic to who you are!


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